My name is Malin “Malle” Jansson, but most people call me Malle. My journey from a cheerleader to a calisthenics world champion has been filled with challenges, triumphs, and a relentless pursuit of success. At my height of 163 cm and weight of 62 kg, I’ve defied expectations and pushed my limits to become a celebrated calisthenics coach, athlete, and content creator.

About Malin Malle Jansson

Full NameMalin Jansson
Nickname / Artist NameMalle
Height163 cm
Weight62 kg
BirthplaceUppsala, Sweden
Birthday4th of May 1992
ProfessionCalisthenics coach, athlete, content creator
Started with Calisthenics2016
Sports BackgroundFloorball & football from a very young age. Cheerleading for 8 years before I found the gym and eventually Calisthenics
YouTubeMalin Malle

Before I Became the Calisthenics World Champion

Born on May 4, 1992, in Uppsala, Sweden, sports have always been a significant part of my life. I started with floorball and football at a young age, which laid the foundation for my athletic career. Growing up in a family and city where these sports were immensely popular, it was natural for me to get involved. I enjoyed them and was quite good, often playing in leagues with older girls. However, around the age of 14, I developed a health condition due to a crooked nasal septum, making it difficult to continue sports involving a lot of running.

Afterwards, I discovered cheerleading and fell in love with it. I practiced cheerleading for eight years, excelling in the flyer position due to my smaller size at the time. A few years into the sport, I was in an accident where my bases accidentally dropped me to the floor and I fell straight on my lower back. Let me tell you, it was now over ten years ago, and I still feel it sometimes, for example, when I sit down or drive a car for too long. Nonetheless, it was a successful career with a few national gold medals, a European bronze medal, and I was in the national team and competed in the world championships in the US the last year of my career. The reason I quit cheerleading was partly because of the injury but also because I noticed that after a few years, I didn’t develop my skills the way I wanted and started to get more and more scared to execute skills.

Back Lever at SWUB by Malin Malle

How I Discovered Calisthenics

My introduction to calisthenics was somewhat unexpected. In 2015, I participated in the Swedish TV show Ninja Warriors, where I met my boyfriend Daniel Flefil and friend Dana Jstar, who were already involved in calisthenics. I had never heard of calisthenics before and had no idea what it was. However, Daniel had seen it on YouTube and was eager to try it. They showed me some videos, and I thought it looked impossible. Dana invited us to come train with him and his team, and Daniel was thrilled! Initially, I said no because I thought it looked way too difficult for me, and at that time, my self-confidence was really low, so my initial reaction was NO! They basically forced me to come and try it, and for that, I’m very thankful today!

I actually started by trying to learn dynamic skills because that’s what I thought looked more fun. This is something I would do a bit differently now if I were starting again, and that’s also what I teach my clients—to start with basics and build fundamental strength. Since I had such high goals with competing, I noticed that I progressed pretty fast in dynamics, but I was lacking static and power strength. As a complete athlete, you need to excel in both. So in recent years, I put a lot more focus into statics and power strength to ensure I cover it all. And hey, it worked pretty well, but still, I would’ve done things differently now.

Archer Pull ups By Malin Malle

How I Started with Calisthenics Workouts

I quickly realized that calisthenics was a perfect fit for me. Despite my previous athletic experience, I couldn’t do a single strict pull-up when I started. Initially, I focused on learning skills that looked fun, mainly dynamic ones. However, after just six months, I competed in my first event and knew I wanted to become the best in the world. I also realized the importance of static and power strength, which led me to adjust my training to become a more complete athlete.

Malin Malle doing pushups in workout rings by GORNATION

Calisthenics Career

I felt pretty quickly that calisthenics was something for me. I had fundamental full-body strength from my previous training experience and good body control. However, I couldn’t do a single strict pull-up when I started. In the very beginning of my calisthenics career, I didn’t know where it would lead, and I didn’t really have many plans for my future in the sport. So, I started with trying to learn skills that I thought looked fun (mostly dynamics) and didn’t focus much on reps or static strength. However, after only six months in the sport, I participated in my first competition, and after that, I knew that I wanted to become the best in the world.

Malin Malle Standing Brave Outside

My Calisthenics Workout Routine As A World Champion

Here’s a glimpse into my weekly workout program:

During my calisthenics workout routine when I was training for the hardest calisthenics competitions in the world, this below was one of my routines to prepare and get ready for a competition. This gave me a way to improve, learn new skills, and get secure with the skills I had for a competition.

  • Monday: PUSH Hypertrophy skills + weighted calisthenics
  • Tuesday: PULL Hypertrophy skills + weighted calisthenics
  • Wednesday: LEGS activation + CORE
  • Thursday: Freestyle + statics skills + balance
  • Friday: PUSH + PULL Hypertrophy bodyweight basics
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Freestyle + statics skills attempts

My favorite exercises include the front flip on p-bars, the front lever, muscle ups, and dips. Each of these exercises holds a special place in my heart and training regimen.

Malin Malle With Andrea flexing biceps

Achievements and Competitions

My hard work and dedication in my workouts paid off in many calisthenics competitions around the world. The wins below that I have mentioned are the ones that I am most proud of:

  • 7 Swedish Calisthenics national gold medals (2018-2023)
  • 2 Nordic Calisthenics championships gold medals (2022 & 2023)
  • 2 World Calisthenics championships gold medals (2022 & 2023)
  • 3 Beast of the Barz gold medals (2019, 2021 & 2023)

My favorite competitions are Beast of the Barz for its organization and SWUB for its incredible atmosphere and audience.

Malin Malle preparing to do pull ups with weight plates added on a dip belt

Philosophy and Motivation

My training philosophy is simple: discipline over motivation, and if you can dream it, you can do it. Consistency comes naturally to me because I love working out, have clear goals, and a strong sense of purpose.

My Morning Routine

My mornings start with a walk with my dog, Minos, followed by some meditation, skincare, and a nutritious breakfast. Recovery is essential, and I focus on eating well, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and taking supplements like creatine, protein powder, vitamin D, and magnesium.

Advice for Beginner Calisthenics Athletes

To anyone starting in calisthenics, I recommend focusing on the basics and building a strong foundation. Hiring a calisthenics coach can be crucial in avoiding mistakes and ensuring safe training. Here’s a simple training structure for beginners, including those who want to do freestyle calisthenics:

  • Monday: Basic reps + statics Push (pushups, dips, planches)
  • Tuesday: Basic reps + statics Pull (pull ups, muscle ups, front levers)
  • Wednesday: Lower body activation
  • Thursday: Dynamics practice
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Basic reps + statics Push & Pull
  • Sunday: Dynamics practice

Personal Calisthenics Records

Pull-ups20 reps
Dips42 reps
Muscle ups7 clean strict reps
Bench press70 kg
1RM in weighted pull-ups32.5 kg
1RM in weighted dips55 kg
1RM in weighted muscle ups15 Kg

My Future Calisthenics Goals

My future goals include improving my front lever and straddle planche, focusing more on weighted calisthenics, and hopefully, becoming a mother and inspiring my children to achieve their best.

My Calisthenics Inspiration

I’ve always said that my biggest inspiration is the future athlete in myself – to see how far I could go. However, I’ve also looked up to several athletes throughout my career. When I started, Melanie Driessen and Natalia Modzelewska were the two girls I was “chasing.” In recent years, I’ve been inspired by close friends Simon Imhauser, Daniel Hristov, and Alisia Persa for different reasons.

Melanie Driessen

Melanie Driessen

One of the craziest and most skilled female freestyle calisthenics athletes who are extremely good at dynamics. She inspired me to become as good as her in the dynamic part when I saw her compete.

Natalia Modzelewska

Natalia Modzelewska

Her dynamics and the cleanliness of her performance in calisthenics competitions inspired me to compete on the world stage. I had the fortune to compete at the same competition as her in Beast of the Barz 2022.

Simon Imhauser

Simon Imhauser

The biggest freestyle calisthenics athlete in the world, competing at the highest level, and also a close friend. He shows that anyone if they really want to, can reach a high level in calisthenics no matter their weight or height. At 88 kg and 184 cm, he is above the average male calisthenics athlete in weight and size.

Daniel Hristov

Daniel Hristov

The absolute best freestyle Calisthenics athlete in the world. Nobody has come close to his level of clean performance and combining all the calisthenics elements together. He is strong in dynamics, strength dynamics, and static skills like the front lever and planche at a high level.

Alisia Persa

Alisia Persa

A young female Calisthenics athlete is competing at the highest level. I have had the fortune to compete against her, where she has won some battles over me and I have won some over her. She is a true inspiration for the calisthenics world and is only 18 years old.

My Calisthenics Workout Equipment I Use

Training Philosophy

Discipline is key. Never rely on motivation alone and keep things simple. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

How I Stay Consistent In My Workouts

I love working out so that is not very hard for me. But I also have high and clear goals, and without them, it would be a lot harder. I remember why I do what I do. And due to these reasons, there’s no other option than staying consistent and chasing those goals and dreams. No excuse can beat that.

Calisthenics athlete Malin Malle doing pelican curls in workout rings by GORNATION

How I Recover Faster After Workouts

Proper nutrition is crucial for recovery. I eat nutritious meals with proteins, carbs, fats, and vitamins. Staying hydrated with around 2 liters of water daily is also essential. I ensure I get at least 8 hours of sleep each night for muscle recovery.

Dealing with Injuries

I’ve been fortunate to avoid major injuries. However, I did have a wrist injury that required a 3-month break from putting pressure on it. I followed treatment recommendations and have had no issues since. For minor injuries, I listen to my body and rest when needed.

Daily Supplements

  • Creatine: 5 grams daily for power, muscle growth, and recovery
  • Protein powder: For a high protein intake, especially in the morning and with low-protein meals
  • Vitamin D: During the winter for immune system, muscles, bones, and blood clotting
  • Magnesium: For recovery, sleep, muscle growth, strength, and endurance

My Advice to Future Calisthenics Athletes

Don’t strive to become like someone else. Embrace your unique qualities and work hard to become the best version of yourself. Everyone has different genes, abilities, and conditions, so comparison is futile.

Morning Routine

My mornings start with a walk with my dog, Minos, followed by feeding him. I then have some me-time with relaxing music, meditation or breath work, and red light therapy. After my skincare routine, I prepare and enjoy a nutritious breakfast before starting my workday.

Get Your Calisthenics Workout Program

If you want to get your calisthenics workout program, check out what we are creating at Calixpert or maybe you are interested in calisthenics coaching to level up your training with 1-on-1 training with me, make sure to apply.

About Malin Malle

My Story Continues and You Should Start Yours

From cheerleading to becoming a calisthenics world champion, my journey has been one of perseverance, growth, and unyielding determination. I hope my story inspires you to pursue your own fitness journey with the same passion and dedication. Remember, be the best version of yourself, and never stop chasing your dreams.